5 Shows to Watch on Netflix that will Awaken your Inner Girlboss

By Monserrat Irazoqui.

This is a great moment for the world, I mean putting aside all the natural disasters and political issues going on…it is a great moment in history for women. We are finally taking a seat in top executive positions in big companies, more women are founding their own businesses, and, overall, we are just breaking free from the chains society has put on us and finally feeling the freedom to think, say, and act however we feel is right. Even though we’ve come a long way for women’s rights to be acknowledged and protected, there is still a long way to achieve that equality we want.

I firmly believe that inspiration is what moves us to do something meaningful and that we can find that inspiration anywhere as long as we live life with an open heart and mind. In this post, I recommend you a few shows to watch on Netflix (I mean, you’re already binging, might as well make it a bit educational) to awaken your inner boss ass b*tch that wants to take over the world.

1. Girlboss

Okay, yeah, this is an obvious one (hello! It’s in the title). If you haven’t heard about either the show or the book, this show is based on a book written by Sophia Amoruso, the founder and former CEO of Nasty Gal, which is a fashion e-retailer well-known among the fashion world. Even though the company’s been through rocky times lately, we can learn a lot about Sophia’s journey.

She had never really been one of those straight A’s, multiple award-winning people; she was more of a troubled youngster that kept being fired from her jobs until she landed one checking IDs at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She started buying clothes from vintage stores, making some tweaks to making them better, and selling them on eBay. Her business turned up to be successful so she transitioned into making her own e-commerce website, and we know the rest.

What I like about the show is that it shows the struggle Sophia went through, both professionally and socially. She had problems with her best friend and boyfriend as well as with her competitors, struggled to get financing and a nice office, and keep up with her customers’ demands. She persevered through it all like a champ until she made it big. May we all get Sophia’s perseverance and thick skin.


2. Disjointed

This is kind of a weird show (but hey, I like weird). This show centers around Ruth Whitefeather, played by the amazing Kathy Bates, who has been a strong advocate for marijuana legalization basically her whole conscious life. Now that weed is legal in California, she finally was able to open her own dispensary and share her love of marijuana with others.

She hired her son, a recent MBA graduate, among with other young “budtenders” to help her run the place. She shows a huge passion for weed and the benefits it provides for those who smoke/eat it which we can tell by the way she treats her customers; she interacts 1-on-1 with them and spends time trying to understand their issues in order to give them the most appropriate “medicine”. The customer service she provides is extraordinary and almost hard-to-find in real life.

Another important thing a girl boss should have is big love for her product. And, Ruth is a great example of someone who loves the product she is selling and is constantly trying it all the time. She knows perfectly well what each kind of weed tastes like and the benefits each provides to the person. We all need to be this devoted to both our product/service as well as our customers.

3. Stranger Things

You’ve probably already watched this show by now but if you are one of the few who hasn’t (just like me 2 weeks ago), please just make the time to watch. Stranger Things is a sci-fi horror show set in the ’80s that revolves around the disappearance of a little boy named Will and all the weird events that unraveled in his town of Hawkins, Indiana after he disappeared.

The show overall is great but there is a character that is a complete scene-stealer: Eleven. To start with, she has psychokinetic abilities, which is completely badass. Also, she is incredibly smart for her age.

As the show unravels, we can witness her friendship with Will’s friends and how they all start bonding with each other. She becomes really loyal to them and is always using her talents to find ways to help them. Every time she uses her psychokinetic gifts, she gets highly debilitated but she doesn’t mind using them when it comes to keeping her friends safe. So, our girl Eleven can teach us how to use all that we’ve got (knowledge, talents, connections, time, money, etc.) to make our projects the best they can be to make our lives better.

She is also very brave. She managed to escape a highly controlled facility ran by people with a lot of power. Starting something out (whether it is a blog, a business, or a non-profit) is always something hard to do and it requires a lot of bravery to start and grow it into something successful. So, take a note on El’s bravery and go get what you want with your chin always up!

4. Revenge

This is drama at its finest. It sort of reminded me of those telenovelas I used to watch with my mom when I was younger, but none of them were set in fancy Hamptons with wealthy and boujee people. Either way, this plot line is cool af.

Emily Thorne is this young, beautiful, and rich young lady that just moved to the Hamptons. She lives next door to one of the most popular families there: the Graysons. She starts getting close to the family and ends up dating their extremely good-looking son. His mom, Victoria, has always been a little skeptical about Emily but can’t put her finger on why. Plot twist: Emily is actually Amanda Clarke who is looking to avenge her father’s (Victoria’s former lover) wrongful imprisonment and death. She keeps a list of people that did wrong to her father and starts taking them one by one. But, she doesn’t do this alone; she gets help from her techie friend Nolan and ex-lover Aiden. Also, she has a badass training in martial arts and has meticulously planned her revenge and stuck with it.

This is not us promoting violence, let’s make this really clear. But, you gotta give it to Emily/Amanda for being such a disciplined person. Nothing and no one gets in her way. Us girls need to be very disciplined as soon as we commit to doing something in our lives. Also, plans era hella important and we need to think of every possible scenario in order to be ready for anything and not be taken by surprise. And, last but not least, she shows it is important to create your own network you rely on to help you meet your goals; they need to have the right qualifications and drive as you do.

5. How to Get Away with Murder

My homegirl Annalise Keating is a well renowned lawyer (if you’re watching season 1) that goes through pretty much hell throughout her life: her baby dies, her husband is killed by her top students, she is imprisoned, her boyfriend leaves her for a young girl, and the list goes on. She is played by the queen Viola Davis, which is enough reason to know that this show is incredibly good.

Annalise proves to be an expert in her field. She is an extraordinary problem-solver; whatever trouble comes her way, either caused by her or those close to her, she ALWAYS finds a way to solve it. She seems very tough, but deep down inside of her, she is like a Mama Bear. You might think she hates everyone but she would fight with teeth and claws against anyone trying to hurt those she cares about. And that’s how we should take care of our projects and businesses.

One little thing…she’s a recovering alcoholic. Throughout the seasons we can see that she is an alcoholic, goes to rehab, has a relapse, and goes back to rehab. No matter how many times she falls, she manages to get back up. Resilience is extremely important for both your professional and personal life. Always keep pushing!