5 Essential Things to Keep in your Office to Boost Creativity

By Monserrat Irazoqui.

No matter whether you are already an entrepreneur or you are just starting to let your mind play with the idea of starting a business, you surely have a place where you sit and work on it. Here’s the thing, you need inspiration…a lot of inspiration. Whether it is a name and logo you need to come up with or solve a management problem, you need a good dose of creativity.

Creativity will flow to you and provide you the right answers if you welcome it into your working space and, eventually, into your mind. Here are some things you should always keep in your office or workspace to foster creativity into your work:

  1. An art piece

Maybe you’re into art, maybe not so much. In regardless of how much you are interested in art, you are more likely to have a favorite painting, poster or photograph that you really like that you can hang on the wall. It could even be a drawing that your kid or your niece/nephew drew. It just needs to speak to you in a way that will move you to think differently.

  1. A figurine

Think about your favorite character from a show or a movie. That character was once an idea inside someone’s head and now is this huge source of entertainment and, perhaps, even empowerment. That character must have touched you in a way that you hold it dear to your heart. Maybe there isn’t a character you are entirely thrilled about, but a certain object like a spaceship, a car, a little house that speaks to you more than a character. Whichever it is, get one and put it on your desk. It will remind you to push harder so you can get to touch others’ lives just like that character/object has.

  1. Notebooks and pens

If you are gonna let your mind roam free in Creativity Land, you gotta have some tools around to be able to write down everything you come up with. Get some nice notebooks and pens and keep them at hand’s reach. Recommendation: if you have different businesses or projects, designate one notebook for each one; this way your ideas and information will stay organized.

  1. Books

It is good to have some books around that will serve as inspiration. Try to have books related to your industry and profession so you can just go through them when you feel stuck.

  1. A decorative plant

Get yourself a little decorative plant, either a living or a plastic one. It will make the room look nice and add a touch of vibrance to the office. Get one in your favorite color and it will surely bring a smile to your face, help you relax and get extra creative!