You Need These 5 People to Win

By Alan Irazoqui & Monserrat Irazoqui.


There is so much to do when starting your own company: create a business plan, do financial projections, work on the branding, etc. but none of these things are as important as forming the right team.

The entrepreneurial journey is not a journey for everybody. This is a career turn that is not appropriate for the faint of heart. When things get rocky, you should have the right people by your side and when things are going smooth, you should still have the right people by your side as well. Your team will make or break you.

It is important to have a well-balanced and diverse team in order to make your business thrive. The exchange of different points of view and ideas will enrich your company and take it to a level of success further than the one you’ve dreamt of.

I am fortunate enough to have a diverse group of people working alongside me and I have based them on 5 different pop-culture icons that have revolutionized the world. These are the people that you should get on your company:

  1. Dalai Lama. The leader of the movement. The one that lives the company’s values and mission to the core. This person is highly respected due to his/her devotion to the company.

When encountering a problem that needs the best possible solution get someone that can maintain his/her cool. Someone that can look at it from different angles (how does this affect my investors, employees, managers, customers, suppliers?) and decide on the strategy that will be a win-win-win for everyone.

Get your Dalai Lama and bump him up to the role of CEO.

  1. Queen Elizabeth II. This person seems immortal and his/her dedication to what they do will never die either. Your Queen is full of the high drive and ambition that will take the company out of a garage and into a castle.

This person will research the hell out of everything that seems necessary to research, analyze it all and come up with the best resolution. The Queen is not afraid to take on new risks and make decisions that no one else has the balls to make. Need someone to negotiate hardcore stuff? Send her/him.

Find your queen and make her the Head of Business Development.

  1. Ed Catmull. What? Who dis? The Wozniak/Allen/Moskovitz, those people who do a tremendous and amazing job but have their eyes set inside the company rather than outside of it. This person looks to make sure that the existing products or services are improving, implementing new ones, and creating new methods of work and technologies that keep adding value to the overall organization.

Your Ed knows that the greatest asset of the business is the people who are a part of it. He/she makes sure that they are developing and thriving in every area of their lives and gives them the right tools to do so. This person is the glue that holds everything and everyone together. He encourages people to speak up, give feedback, provide ideas, and collaborate.

Public recognition is not important to your Ed, but don’t let him/her go underrated or undervalued as other famous co-founders have done with their respective others. Make this person your General Manager and he or she will manage everything towards award-winning success.

  1. Dr. Dre. Straight outta his head, your Dr. Dre has massive creativity and dreams for himself and the company. This person has most likely experienced some kind of hardship in the past that has led him/her to vow to never go back to that and work forever hard to keep moving forward.

He or she is wired to think outside-of-the-box and be reinventing the brand when needed. This kind of person has had experience in different industries which makes them have a more open and worldly perspective that will come in handy for the expansion of your company.

Need a Head of Marketing? Give your own version of Dr. Dre a call.

  1. Martin Scorsese. These days, you need to have someone who is damn good at storytelling. Everything needs to tell a story now, that’s what people crave. Get someone who is able to communicate both verbally and written what they visualize in their minds and make it into a picture, video, or even product, or service.

This person pays close attention to detail and makes sure that everything is done the best way possible. His/her craft is so flawless that this person is a legend at what he/she does.

Your Head of Product Development or Social Media Manager can be Martin Scorsese.

Even though you can have a lot more different personalities in your business, these are the ones that can’t be left out of it. Despite what some world leaders say, the world needs more diverse teams. We’re a lot more open and connected and nothing should get on our way to enriching our business and lives.