You Are Missing Out the One Thing That Can Bring Clarity to Your Life

By Scarlett Meade & Craig Jarrell.

Have you ever felt you have everything you thought you wanted in life, and yet still something is missing? That sensation of unsatisfaction. You try to fill it with different things. Working more, working less, playing sports, going out to bars, buying a  bigger T.V, buying a new car, and most often you find that it is still not enough. All those things haven’t changed the unhappiness or emptiness. The reason is because we don’t take time in our lives to explore why we feel that unhappiness. Maybe we are afraid of the answer we might uncover.

We live in a world that pushes this idea that in order to be internally satisfied we must rely on external circumstances. For example, you are building a business and everything is going your way. In this process you could feel so excited about everything you are creating. However, if things start to go wrong, your happiness may start fading away because you are not getting the results you previously had. If this happens, your happiness is relying on external factors, not in yourself. That’s why it is temporary, and the happiness fades away as the external factors change. The main cause of this is our way of thinking. Our negative thoughts that are there all the time is like having a monologue every moment in our heads. You can have positive thoughts or negative thoughts; that is yourself.

The worst thing about the negative thoughts is that you cannot enjoy the beautiful moment that is known as the present. The present is the moment. Be in the moment. The very powerful tool that will allow you to be present is called: Meditation.

Meditation is calming and cleansing the mind. Cleansing the mind and releasing your thoughts will not only allow you to enjoy the present, it will also make you happy. So how do you get started with meditation? Especially if you have never tried it before. Let’s go through the steps for an introduction to meditation.

Step 1: Find a quiet place. Silence is essential for meditation. It can be anywhere as long as it is quiet.

Step 2: Sit comfortably. Sit down indian style or in a chair. Whichever is more comfortable.

Step 3: Take five deep breaths from the diaphragm. Make it feel like you are expanding your abdomen instead of your chest.

Step 4: Close your eyes and calm your mind. Do this by counting each breath. See if you can make it to 10 breaths without a conscious thought entering your mind. Once you make to 10, start again at one. If you don’t make it to 10, start over until you make it to 10 without a conscious thought entering your mind.

Step 5: Do this at approximately the same time and place each day and stick with it. Make meditation a ritual just like going to the gym or eating breakfast.

This is an introduction to meditation. Once you master the beginning, the possibilities are endless.  

You are encouraged to use this method to see for yourself how it can redefine the way you find happiness and allow you to become present.

Meditation is an exercise that trains your mind to regulate itself, it’s the ability to focus on nothing continuously without break. If practiced properly and diligently, it is a consistent connection with your true inner self.

You will be able to live a life enjoying every moment 100% because you will see that even though life will not always go your way, you still have control of your thoughts.

Viktor Frankl lost everything in the Holocaust. His family, his house, his friends, his freedom, and you know what he said? “But what you can’t take away is my attitude, I decide what to think and that makes me free.”

Use your mind to set you free. What we are looking for is already here.