What to Watch or Read- Gone Girl

“Gone Girl” tells the story about Amy Dunne, a New Yorker that is somehow forced to leave THE CITY to move to Missouri to take care of her dying mother-in-law along with her husband, Nick Dunne. Things went on a slippery slope since they moved there. Her husband was cheating on her, and when she found out, she decided to get revenge in a very detailed manner.

This is a thriller movie based on a suspense novel with the same name by Gillian Flynn. You may be thinking that it is weird that we would recommend this movie or the book to people who want to be entrepreneurs, but there is a key lesson to learn from Amy Dunne’s vengeful plan: discipline and patience. Except, you should use it for good, not to get back at your cheating husband.

Discipline and patience are highly important for entrepreneurs to put into practice. No matter your mood, you should get up, work, and hustle hard every single day. Make lists of everything you need to do and do each one of them. You’ll get a ton of satisfaction when you check each thing on your list. And, remember to be patient. Good things take time. Keep your cool even when you think that life is not going your way. Keep pushing and at the end of the day you will get your reward. In the case of Amy, she got her husband back.

You can get the book, which is amazing, here.

Or, you can watch the movie, which is amazing as well, here.