What to Play- Smash Hit

You know that as an entrepreneur, you have to be able to focus. You won’t be getting to 1 million users or $10M in funding if you are not able to sit  down and focus on your sh*t. There are a lot of distractions around you most of the time, and when you are alone with your own self it is hard to focus because your mind is running a whole marathon of thoughts inside of it.

Have no fear, Smash Hit is here! This is a game app that consists of a ball that needs to hit certain targets and obstacles that get on your way. It consists of different levels and, obvi, it gets harder as you keep leveling up (just like life, teehee). The game is over if you run out of balls, so play wisely. This game really helps you to both be entertained and help you focus because if you look away from your screen for a second you’ll be losing valuable points that can help you get ahead.

Give it a try by downloading it (you can find it here) and let us know if you make it past level 4.