What to play- Blackbox

blackbox appBlackbox is a puzzle game that can be downloaded from the App Store on all iPhones. The slogan is “Think outside the box” and, boy, are you gonna work on strengthening your brain functions. Trust me, this is not your typical puzzle game.

It comes with barely no instructions on how to solve each challenge, you have to really do think outside the box to figure out how to solve each. Lucky for you, they give you 5 free hints when you first sign up.

As a current or future entrepreneur you will be asked multiple times throughout your career to do things the unconventional way and this game comes to help you with that.

You’ll get frustrated, anxious, and maybe¬†angry but all it takes is some creativity, team work (you can ask others for help to solve the puzzle), and some capital (you can buy hints…and t-shirts).

So, give it a try and let’s see if you’re as clever and witty as you think you are.