What to Do in Your Day Off to Increase Productivity

By Craig Jarrell.

As an entrepreneur or a start-up, we all know there are not many days off when it comes to building your company. There is always SOMETHING that needs to be done or could be done in your business. There’s a lot of talk out there about hustle, sleep when you’re dead, work eighteen hours a day. All valid points because let’s be honest, it takes an insane amount of work to build a business. However, what is not talked about as much is the importance of taking a day off.

Taking a day off is just as important as going balls to the walls. After all the body does need rest, as well as your brain. Taking time off actually improves your productivity. It’s all about balance. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have much.

I like taking Saturdays off to do whatever I want. Saturdays are good days to get away and let your mind wonder. Let all your thoughts and projects from the previous week swirl around your subconscious mind while you enjoy yourself.

There are three things you can do on your day off to increase your productivity for the next week. Of course there are more than three things out there. I’ve simply chosen three.

  • Sleep
  • Read
  • Do something you enjoy with your friends

In that order.

Get plenty of sleep Friday night. Lots of things happen when you give your body rest, specifically healing. When you get 6 – 8 hours of sleep your body goes to work on healing itself. Which is essential after a 60 – 80 hour work week.

When you wake up on Saturday morning read a good book. Reading gives you new ideas and perspectives. Read whatever interests you. I recommend reading a good biography on Saturday morning. Biographies give you courage. Something we as entrepreneurs need a lot of. Biographies also show you that the problems and struggles you are dealing with are really not that significant compared to what some people have been through.

Once you’ve had plenty of rest and read for 30 minutes or an hour, spend the rest of the day enjoying yourself. For me, it’s playing sports, mountain biking, or hanging out with friends. Sometimes all three. Sports are great because nothing can get you out of your own mind like sports. Spending time with companions is extremely important because they bring out joy, love, and laughter. Three very important energies we all too often forget about when we’re building a business. That joy, love, and laughter will rejuvenate you more than anything. Ultimately increasing your productivity in the upcoming week.

Everything is about balance. Balance will increase your productivity. Take time off to balance and integrate your life.

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create. – Jana Kingsford