Video Killed Text

By Mauricio Metri.

The future is here. We’re overexposed with images all the time. Our lives are faster than they used to be and we have little precious time for ourselves. Social media and online platforms are displacing traditional media overall, and video is a must in those.

Here are 5 reasons why your business should be investing on video right now:

1.- Smartphones

Like we said earlier, online media is growing more and more and it’s everywhere, always… mostly thanks to smartphones. We sneak a peak at social media every single time we can, and the ad industry knows this. But with us scrolling down thousands of posts each day… What stimulus is strong enough to catch our attention? There is only one winner and that is: video.

Video engages mobile users. Nowadays is not enough to think how cool something looks to keep you watching. If you are going to spend some seconds of your precious time looking at something in social media while you’re taking a break in the office; it’ll better be something you care about or something that really gets your attention. No matter how good your copywriting or photography skills are; an audiovisual product will always get more attention.

2.- Telling stories

The best way to get in touch with people’s (and costumers’) feelings is trough telling a story and making them believe in a concept. Video is the most practical (and versatile way) of doing this nowadays.

The combination of image and sound makes it really easy for your viewers to understand and digest what you’re trying to say. Regardless of which platform your video will play on, it’s always a good idea to aim for the feelings.

3.- Internet is the new teacher

New generations are learning more and more through video tutorials. Cooking, life-hacks, playing an instrument; you can find out how to do anything on YouTube.

And this is a great way to use video for your business or brand too; whether you use it to get views or to actually train people for something. It’s a powerful tool to create a bond with them.  Think about it, people don’t have time to read that 50-page manual for your company’s product… But they do have the time to watch a series of short videos on the basics of how to use it.

4.- The viral lottery

Sometimes virality happens when you talk about something trendy, sometimes it is random. Nobody truly understands how it works; but when something goes viral you definitely get on the radar.

At first, image memes where the viral kings of the internet, but creative gags made on video are getting more and more online views everyday. These type of videos get a lot of shares on social media and, if they’re viral enough, they can travel across traditional media like television.

5.- Interaction

A cool feature of today’s video is the ability to create interaction with users in creative ways. It has to fulfill a specific end but, when used correctly, livestreams and 360º/180º video can get you great unexpected success.

Another type of interaction can be made through the use of influencers on your video productions. This doesn’t create a direct bond between your brand or company to the final consumers but it gets your products to be trusted and recognized by the target market.

So there you have it; next time you ask yourself “Should I invest on video?” better ask “Why the hell am I not investing on video?”