Sleep is for the Successful

By Scarlett Meade & Craig Jarrell.

Did you know we spend a 3rd of our lives sleeping?

Yes, sleeping is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the most important processes in your life. Sleeping 8 hours per day can bring you powerful benefits. If you want a great physique, it helps your muscles recover after a good day at the gym. If you are thinking about going on a diet you should consider sleep as important as what you eat because you eat less when you let your body rest. What is amazing is that quality sleep time can help lower stress, sharpen attention, improve memory, and ultimately help you be more creative.

This is when sleeping becomes so interesting when it comes to you as an entrepreneur. If you thought that our brains go to sleep as the same time as we do, that is not true! Our brain is the hardest-working machine, it never shuts down. It is always working.

Whether you are learning something new for your business or  you are trying to come up with a solution or a different perspective to a situation, your brain is ALWAYS working to please you with the best answer. However, what happens at night is something magical.

When you go to sleep your brain is putting together all the information that you’ve learned. Taking care of the smallest details of your day. We call this period “incubation”. It is a moment or it could be days of silence, when even you are trying so hard to get the answer, but it seems that nothing comes out of your head. Don’t worry, your brain knows what it is doing. It takes information from the books you read, from a conversation you had, or even from a video you watched. The brain spends the night in this process trying to figure out the best idea for you.

Then comes the “illumination”. That happens when you get the new idea, and most of the time that occurs when you wake up. This is a period of light. When all the answers come out. It is so important for us as entrepreneurs to always have a fresh and innovative mind. This will keep us on top of our business.

If you want to fully enjoy all the benefits of a great night’s sleep, here are some easy tips that will work wonders for you:

  1. Less coffee. You are better off avoiding caffeine after 4:00 P.M. Every cup of coffee stays in our bodies for more than 6 hours, keeping you awake and making your nervous system ready for action.


  1. Don’t let technology control you. Turn off all electronic devices at 9:00 P.M. Your brain responds to the blue light stimulation. It makes your brain think it is still daytime. If you have some work to do or you have to check your email, use the FLUX app. It will help lower the light of your computer when it is dark outside.


  1. Be cool. Be comfortable with the room temperature. In different studies scientists confirm that the ideal room temperature is 68-74 degrees for the best sleep. Basically stay cool.


  1. Relax before sleeping. You can do different things to relax. Reading or meditating is helpful. The app “Calm” is great for assisted meditation. Also doing mindfulness meditation yourself is really easy. It consists of sitting for 20 to 30 minutes focusing all your attention on breathing. It helps you to become aware of your present. It strengthens your ability to switch from thinking mode to relaxation mode, which is great to control your thoughts and lower your stress. It will put you right to sleep.


  1. Make your place of rest a sanctuary. Your bedroom should be a sacred place. It should not be an entertainment place like an office or a gym. Save it for that special moment where you will recharge your batteries for the next day.