How to Know if You Are a Motherfuck*ng Startup

By Alan Irazoqui.

“Startup” is a common word these days. How many times have you heard or even said the words “I work at a startup”? Tons, right? It seems like this word is associated with coolness. Once someone mentions that they either built or work at one, they instantly become cool, in a hipster-cool kind of way.

If you don’t know (like I didn’t), a startup is a new business venture that is created to solve a problem or a need in the market that has developed a scalable business model. Now, there are 2 types of startups: the regular normal ones and the motherf*ucking ones. An ingenious business model is not enough to change the world; you’ve got to have the whole package to truly impact the world.

Here are some of the giveaways that only motherf*ucking startups have:

1) Problem-solving

Problems will always exist; that’s just how life works, unfortunately. But, fortunately, we have been equipped with the right tools to find a solution for each of them. You’ll know you’re really extraordinary if your startup team is constantly coming up with solutions for every problem. The users don’t like the new logo? We change it! The investors don’t agree with the price model? We adjust it! The toilet is not working? We fix it!

2) Productivity

Our time on Earth is very limited. We have got to make the most out of it. These mofo startup people acknowledge and accept that and choose to spend their time and energy into doing everything they can to transform their business, community, city, country, and planet.

3) The best way

There are many ways to do something. Remember when you were in math class and the teacher said that there are different approaches to getting the same result? Well, this is like that…sort of; except, in the business world, the results vary. There will always be a better way of doing things. And you choose to do the best, even though you know there is an easier way.

4) Friendliness

Some startups focus on the users, some others focus on the businesses; few outstanding ones focus on both. They make sure that every decision they make will benefit both parties. They’re both equally important to them, so they make sure they are both happy.

5) Hard work

Hard-working people just work hard, they don’t say they will. Their energy is focused on their work not on what other people will think about what they’re doing. What they do is more important than what others think they do.

6) Global, but local

They think global. They’re all about world domination. But, to conquer the entire planet they need to act locally first and conquer their surroundings; starting with conquering their own selves. Local takes a new meaning. It doesn’t just mean their immediate surroundings but also themselves. They have their head in the game ready for anything and they know themselves the best way they can.