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Welcome to the most kick-ass entrepreneurship blog.

If you decided (or are deciding) to take the crazy route of starting your own company, thankfully you’re not alone. We’re all crazy here and passionate about choosing the startup life.

It is really great that nowadays we have all these tools and information needed to start and then grow. They’re cool and all but they’re too formal and corporate. In our blog, you’ll be able to feed your hungry mind and soul with experiences and lessons learned from real entrepreneurs and startup people.

People living in the startup world are people who are wired differently, but at the end of the day, still people. We’ll provide you with important information on how to best take care of your mind, body, and soul; trust us, you’ll need them to be functioning at their fullest potential.

We know that this is no easy road, so let’s laugh at our previous mistakes, celebrate each other’s milestones, share our points of view, read together, and mother f*cking change the world!