Create a Personal Mantra to Slay the Day

By Alan Irazoqui & Monserrat Irazoqui.

We all know that mornings are a special moment to set ourselves in the right mindset to do great things during the day. Some people pray, meditate, or workout; some of them do all of them. But, there is a special weapon that will come in handy to prepare yourself in the morning, find the will to keep moving when things get hard, or to stay humble when something greats happens, and that is: create your very own personal mantra.

A little etymology class here: “Man” means mind and “Tra” means transport or vehicle. Before¬†creating your mantra, it is important for you to understand the reason why you are doing this.

First, your mind is like fertile ground. Every single thing you hear, see, eat, drink, read, think, say, and do is what waters the seeds in the ground of your mind. In order to cultivate beautiful things in your mind, you have to water it with positive information and thoughts, healthy foods and drinks, and say and do things that will bring a greater good to society. Your mantra should revolve around all things positive and beautiful in order to prepare the “fertile ground” of your mind to become even more fertile when you water it with those thoughts, information, etc.

Second, you have a special purpose and mission for your life. You know which one it is. Whether it is to find the cure for cancer, create art that heals wounded hearts, or start a business that focuses on selling clothes for really tall people, there is something that you are passionate about and would want to dedicate your whole life to the successful realization of it. This is based on the special talents that life/God/Buddha/mom&dad provided you with. Do not forget that the mantra is the externalization of your inner strength and peace.

Now that you have understood this, it is time to create your own personal mantra. There really isn’t a specific format or length or font requirements. This is for you. Do it however it works best for you. And repeat them as many times as you need in order to let it sink in.

To give you an idea, here are Alan’s mantras:

  1. For as long as space exists, and sentient beings endure, may I too remain to dispel the misery of the world.

2. Eight verses of thought transformation.

3. I will win, not immediately, but definitely.

And, lastly, Monserrat’s is the following:

Today is a new day. The past has taught a lot of important lessons; release the pain and keep the lessons learned. Today, I have everything in my favor to do something outstanding. I have the right talents, energy, and will to change this world. Listen intently, love deeply, think positively, work smart, and spend time alone. Life wants to give me a gift today, keep an open mind and heart in order to get it and then share it with the world. May I encounter beauty everywhere I go and in everyone I meet.