A Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing

By Akshay.

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In today’s increasingly data-driven world, the role of analytics in marketing has gained its significance due to the growing needs for measurement and optimisation of online marketing activities. These activities can range from creating tailored Facebook campaigns or ranking for the best possible keywords so that users can find you at the highest page rank when they google for a specific phrase. But It’s not quite easy to grow your online presence due to the many doors 🚪 that lie in front of you; however, the wrong doors aren’t necessarily wrong, they would just take you longer to reach your marketing goals. In the end it’s just about analysing numbers to find the most optimum path to reach your destination without stepping through many wrong doors.

Most of Marketing Analytics can be conducted using two important set of tools. First, a platform that captures information regarding your website and campaigns; Google Analytics works well. Second, a tool that allows you to analyse this captured data. Analytics is what takes place between capturing data and measuring performance once you have launched your online (or offline) marketing campaigns.

Popular tools to measure and optimise your Online Marketing activities:

  • Google Analytics — Powerful tool that can be set up on any online website to help track events such as page views for a certain page, clicks on a specific link or other advanced analysis methods through segmentation of traffic.
  • Google AdWords — Platform allowing users to bid advertisement space on Google search engine ad-positions based on specific keywords.
  • Google Search Console — Allows you to submit your website for indexation on Google and track technical website structure issues that can potentially increase ranking, visibility and organic traffic.
  • Facebook — Advertising on new channels such as facebook, instagram and snapchat for reach campaigns can help target new users or returning users through remarketing. There’s plenty room to innovate with creative media assets through a combination of images, audio and videos to deliver your viral message.
  • Criteo — Remarketing platform that allows you to retarget users that have previously visited your website by re-engaging them with personalized online display advertisements.
  • Google Data Studio — Free and compact alternative to Tableau offering a great visualisation platform that allows you to connect multiple data sources such as Google Analytics and create reports or dashboards to track your key performance indicators.
  • Google Trends — Easy to use online tool that shows the popularity of certain phrases and words over a period by using Google’s search engine data. It can be further specified to look within certain categories, targeting different countries and searching across web/images. Can be useful for spotting trends.
  • Excel — Gold standard of all number calculations and most financial reports. There’s a handful of key tools within excel such as pivot tables which can help organise rows of raw data in different formations that tell a story. Moreover, you can organise data into rows/column format and use/create .csv files effectively on excel. Powerful calculations and productivity tasks can be automated by using vLookups, IF statements, text can be extracted from strings and pivot tables can summarize data across its rows and columns.

SEMrush/Ahrefs/Woorank — Some common paid SEO tools, SEMrush offers a powerful extension to give an overview of any website. Woorank offers a free (and understandable) analysis of online websites along with points for improvement. Ahrefs is a paid tool that allows a more comprehensive interface with the ability to see your backlinks! Backlinks are super important for any website; they act as a simple website link from another ‘authority’ website that gives your website reference. Thus, enabling you to rank higher.

Watch this space to get more online marketing insights from tools and experiments that I conduct at theworldyousee.