7 Life Changes to Make Before you Start a Company

By Alan Irazoqui.

If you have a baby or someone close to you has had one, you know that as soon as they find out that they are going to have a little one of their own they start to make lifestyle changes: better diet, more sleep, research all baby-related stuff, baby-proof their home, buy new clothes for the baby and the mother. Same goes with those planning to get married, start college, or planning to retire. Big life changes require previous little changes in order to make the transition more smooth and potentially more successful in the long run.

In my personal experience, I have come to realize that when you decide to start a company, you need to make some necessary changes before your official launch date. It is not going to be easy but it will certainly be worth it. Here are 7 things that I did and recommend any wantpreneur to follow:

1. Research EVERYTHING. At this moment in life you probably have a lot of questions about everything from how to start a company to how many cups of coffee will wake you up in the morning. Thank goodness we have the Internet and you can find lots of information on all matters regarding entrepreneurship in websites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider, and cool blogs like ours, Blog Maverick, and Social Triggers.

2. Write your ideas down. If you have decided to become an entrepreneur, you’re surely full of ideas. They are nothing if they are not executed. Your first step towards this is writing them down. Take a little notebook with you everywhere you go since inspiration can come anytime and anywhere and you better write them down. This is a good strategy so you can revisit them later on and analyze them to see if they are actually feasible.

3. Read at least 10 books. Even though the Internet is a great pool of information, you can find more detailed information in a book. This is one of the best and non-intrusive ways to pick someone’s brain. Learn from those who have been through it all and came out victorious. If you’re looking for good books, join our book club.

4. Choose ONE thing to focus on. It is true that you will have to overlook a bunch of different projects, people, ideas, departments, etc. and you think that multitasking will become beneficial to work on diverse stuff at the same time. Wrong! Trust me, it is better to focus on one thing at a time. Organize your day/week/month so you can devote certain times and days to a specific project and when the time is up, drop it and move on to the next. I repeat, do not multitask. This will boost your success, verified!

5. Give partying a rest. Now, before you start mentally yelling at me, lemme finish…give partying a rest until you have built an MVP. The entrepreneurial journey is full of hard work the whole way, but those first months leading to creating your MVP are crucial. You need to be fully rested so your mind can be sharp and focused on making the best thing out there. Avoid hangovers that will leave you feeling groggy and tired for days.

6. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, workout, meditate, rest, hang out with friends and family. Please do not neglect your health. If you are not feeling the best, it will be really hard to build the best product/service ever. Make the right adjustments to your daily routine, rearrange your home if you need to, and stay away from toxic people.

7. Get comfortable with feedback. Feedback is good, feedback is your friend. If you never ask others for their take on what you are working on, you won’t make the right modifications to make it successful. It is important to ask your target market for feedback since what you are building will eventually be for them. Also, ask your peers and teammates for their opinions as well because they share your vision and will know if it fits accordingly. Don’t take things personal. You will constantly get feedback throughout your entrepreneurial journey, most of it will be unsolicited, so you better start being OK with it and keep in mind that is nothing personal, just business.