6 Activities You Can Do that Will Make You More Comfortable with Risk

By Scarlett Meade & Craig Jarrell.

Do you know how many people there are out there, at this moment, with good ideas? Millions. We all have them. However, not all of us will take our idea to the market. The fact is that most people will not form their idea into a profitable business. Most people won’t even start. And the reason is because they are scared.

You can’t be scared when you’re starting a business. Actually, let us rephrase that…you can be scared and you will be scared. What you have to do is have such a strong belief in yourself that you know you are going to succeed. You have to have a vision of yourself achieving your desired outcome. Without that clear vision you will not get very far. Once you get past your own fear, the next step is to take a risk. Starting a business is risky, but let’s face it, having a regular job is just as risky. You’re putting the course of your financial life in someone else’s hands. So, which one is riskier?

The difference between having an idea and actually taking that idea to fruition is making the decision to take action and to face your fear and take a risk. People that care about you will advise to not do it, take the safe road. Politely listen to them but don’t take it to heart. Do your own thing. In order to succeed you will need to learn. In fact, you will have no choice, but to learn. You will never have 100% of the information before you get started and that’s OK. Learn to love to learn. Business, like life, is a continuous learning process. The great thing is that you will learn from your mistakes. More importantly learn from other people’s mistakes. Through this you will become more secure and wise.

When we talk about risk, most of us imagine something extreme like skydiving or jumping from a cliff, but it doesn’t have to be so extreme. Think of taking a risk as getting outside of your comfort zone. Making choices that you probably never thought of making. Now why would someone do something like that? Because you can discover things about yourself you never even knew. You can figure out potential and abilities that you never knew you had simply because you tried something that allowed those abilities to surface.

I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and begin to feel the confidence it brings about. And the greatest reward will be discovering something inside of you that you didn’t know existed.Here are some creative ways to take some risks. Once you practice small ones, you will be more prepared for the bigger ones. The brain becomes comfortable with taking risks the more you take them.

1.- Make a list. Don’t ignore the danger, don’t pretend it doesn’t exist, look at it in a creative way to come up with new plans. In every situation make a list of the possible risks, and try to come up with 2 different solutions. You will still feel the adrenaline and also know what to do if things don’t go as expected.

2.-Tell jokes. Believe or not this a great thing to do. You will begin to develop a positive attitude and confidence when it comes to rejection. One of our biggest fears is the expectations and opinions of those around us. Telling jokes to different people and seeing their reactions will make you comfortable with being uncomfortable.

3.- Attend a networking event. I loved this challenge, because can go farther than mind, so this is what I did and it worked great for me and you can do it too. Go to a networking event, get out of your comfort zone and try to speak to all the people in the room. At first I felt so shy but with every person I felt more comfortable and confident speaking about my business. When I went home I felt that I could challenge my mind, and actually do it; I ended up with a ton of contacts of people that would like to help me with my business and more ideas to make it even better.

4.- Take a trip. Go somewhere you’ve never been to. Decide it in the moment. Go somewhere around your city that you’ve never been before, choose that place randomly, and go and live the adventure; you can do it alone or with someone. Ask the people in town about the secret or underground places and check them out.

5.- Make a piece of art and try to sell it. What is your favorite art? You can sing a song, paint, or make a clay statue, etc. An art piece is so personal and intimate that trying to sell it could mean a challenge, because you will have to expose what is the value of that art, and of course it will be the meaning you give to it. Have fun with this one.

6.- Talk to a homeless person. There’s always the risk of getting yelled at, sick, or maybe even robbed; a friend of mine approached a homeless guy and he even shared a cigarette with her. People and things that seem scary might end up surprising you if you’re willing to try it out. If we engineer small risks in our lives on a daily basis, we can become better equipped to deal with bigger problems as they arise.

Every day in our lives we make decisions, and we never know if they are the best options.
However, we must make a choice. We assume a certain kind of loss because when we make a
decision about one thing we lose out on the other. This is called opportunity cost. We have to
decide what is the most valuable use of our time.