5 Signs you Should Quit your Job and Start your Own Company

By Alan Irazoqui in collaboration with the Swapwink team.

Get up at 7 am, have breakfast, walk the dog, take a shower, get ready, start work at 9, leave at 5, go home and get ready for the next day to be the exact same thing all over again. You think you like your job but something is starting to not feel right. The excitement is fading away with each passing day. This 9-5 job is starting to not work for you and you fill your head with great ideas that would solve your regular problems and even worldwide ones. There is a part of you that is starting to fantasize about leaving your conventional job and start working on those ideas and build your own company.

Of course, this is a risk. You have a safe job with great benefits (hopefully), medical insurance, paid vacations. It’s hard to leave your comfort zone, we know, we’ve been there. In order to help you stop doubting and make a firm decision, here are is a list of signs that you should leave your job and become an entrepreneur.

  1. There is no room for growth. You’ve been working at this company for some years now and you’ve peaked. There is really no more other places to go upwards in the organizational chart because that is reserved for the owner’s relatives and friends or for those who have been at the company for 70+ years.

Sure, going up the corporate ladder sounds amazing because of all the perks you would get (hello, fat salary), but you’re also ready for more and bigger responsibilities. Your current job is not challenging enough and you feel that there is not much to learn from it anymore. You want to grow but, unfortunately, you cannot.

  1. It’s too routine-y. Routines are good, but just knowing already what your day will be like takes out all the excitement of looking forward to get out of bed and start your day. You’re looking for something more, some eventful surprises throughout the day that fill up the entrepreneurial world. You are constantly feeling bored and unamused. You seem to be living life in autopilot and not being present in the moment.


  1. You do all the work but your bosses get all the merit. You care deeply about doing acing everything you are supposed to do. You do extraordinary work. Not only that, you come up with great ideas and execute them with great ease. Everyone knows you are the one who did it and they congratulate you…You wish. Everyone congratulates your boss because he/she takes credit for everything you have come up with and done. This is ruthless and unfair and it makes you feel denigrated and uncomfortable at your workplace. No wonder you’re thinking about leaving.


  1. You’re daydreaming too much. Wake up, walk the dog, get ready for work, the driver comes to pick you up, work in your big and beautiful office, take the private plane to that business lunch, shop a little, hop back on the plane and get a massage before landing, go home, have a delicious gourmet dinner and go to sleep. And all this because you became your own boss and started an extremely successful company. This seems far better than your current day-to-day and you can’t help but daydream constantly to get through the day. Why daydream when you can actually make it happen?


  1. You have a great idea. And, last and certainly essential, you came up with a solution to an annoying problem. One day you had an epiphany and you came up with a great idea. You have told some of your family members, friends, coworkers, and random people about it and they think it is great, that you should make it happen and many other people will buy your product or service. In a way, your idea has been constantly validated and now you cannot get it out of your head. Most of your day is spent thinking about ways to bring this to life.


If you have identified with 1 or more of these signs, then it seems that it is time for you to join the big “I left my job to become an entrepreneur” club. Trust me, you are not alone and we will have your back. Have a happy start of your new life!