5 Online Tools to Create Cool Presentations

By Monserrat Irazoqui.

Name a moment in your academic and professional life in which you haven’t had to present something in front of one person or more. None? Thought so. Growing up, our lives are measured in years, but once you actually grow up and join the workforce, life is measured in the amount of meetings and pitches we have to make a day. Being the visual people we are, information is better retained when it is presented in a visually striking way, and praise is gained when you have a creative and good-looking way to present this info. And, we want you to be praised, so here are 5 online tools you can use to be the person with the amazing presentations:

1. Canva

This is a free online design platform in which you can design not only presentations but also invitations, posters, blog posts, among other cool marketing stuff. There are some templates that you can employ to create your own slide deck with a minimalist and colorful approach (which is the right way to make successful slides these days). This is great if you are not really into designing something from scratch or don’t have a lot of time to work on it. But, if graphic design is something you like doing, you can design your own thing. There are a bunch of cool fonts, icons, pictures, illustrations, charts, grids, and shapes you can play around with.

2. Prezi

This is another free online tool that provides several templates that are already animated and designed; all you need to do is add your own information and pictures you want to use. All templates have an innovative design and easy-to-follow flow that will certainly grab your audience’s attention to its nice aesthetics.

3. Powtoon

Want to see yourself or your teammates as animated cartoons? Use Powtoon to make short animated videos that you can use to either grab their attention or shift it back to the presentation. The templates are pretty easy to use and they are all divided into different sections according to your needs. Big companies like Ebay, Starbucks, and Google use this free tool as well so…must be good, right? Jk, I’ve used it, it IS good.

4. Piktochart

This platform creates really ridiculously good looking infographics you would actually want to read. They have a presentation feature that turns your infographic into a slideshow and it looks amazing. Your presentations will be the Blue Steel of corporate pitch decks.

5. VideoScribe

You know those videos that look like they are made whiteboard-style that you think are so cool and have always wondered how to make one of those? Well, now you know how! You can use this tool to give your slide deck a touch of nostalgia mixed with modern technology which will surely make you stand out.