5 Fun Ways to Make a Company Announcement on Social Media

By Monserrat Irazoqui.

How many times in this past month have you looked at your social media feed and found it flooded by pregnancy, engagement, new baby, gender reveal, and marriage announcements? I’m sure I’m not the only one. It is great that people are so happy about something new in their lives that they decide to let the whole world know about it in a creative and elaborate way. When I compare the way my friends post their personal life announcements to my friends who post an announcement related to their entrepreneurial endeavors, the latter falls behind. So, why not take a cue from our cheesy friends and translate them into our own? Who knows…maybe your company announcement will get more likes than Beyonce’s twin reveal (hey, a girl can dream).

Here are some of my favorite type of announcements that we can use to announce entrepreneurial stuff:

  1. Balloons

If you’re starting a company or have a very important new launch coming soon, make use of balloons. Balloons are THE thing in announcements these days; they are used for everything apparently. So, why not make a “save the date” announcement with balloons? You could either get 3 balloons and write the date amongst the three of them (*example below, minus the people kissing) or maybe get the huge number helium balloons. This will certainly start to create buzz around your friends or followers because we are all naturally nosy.

2. Shoes

Our friends and relatives love making announcements of their growing family. But, hey, entrepreneurs also have growing families. Whenever a new person joins the team, the family grows. So, why not flaunt your growing team to your followers? It is an important milestone in every company because if your team grows, it means that your business is growing as well. Here’s an idea, use the shoe picture like the one below, but with all of your team members’ shoes and use the caption “And then there were 20 (or whatever number it is)”.

3. Pets

Pets are just adorable to look at. It is hard to find a person that does not like to look at pictures of animals; unless your pet is a reptile, then maybe not so much. A company announcement may not sound as exciting as an engagement or a pregnancy to some, but if you let your pet be a part of the picture, it will certainly call people’s attention. An idea would be like the one below, but write “My human is starting a company” instead, or something like that.

4. No drinks.

It is common to leave your partying days behind when you are working on building and scaling a company. Your sole focus is on making it grow. Those nights spent at clubs and bars with your buddies until 4 am are way long gone. It is also common to miss those days from time to time. So, the only times when you find acceptable to do some celebratory shots is when you actually have something to celebrate like a new product launch or an IPO. Down below is an idea that you can replicate but changing the picture of the ultrasound with a picture of your logo and no baby bottle.

5. Sweet tooth

Lots of people in the world are into food porn…true story. So, why not make use of people’s high interest on food to make an attractive announcement? Some ideas are to make cupcakes or cookies with your company or product-to-launch logo and add the date that it is scheduled to launch and send it to your family, friends, clients or potential clients, influencers, vloggers or bloggers, people in the media…you know, anyone that can get some buzz started. Here is an example: